Learn how to build a Gaming PC and have fun doing it in the process.

Build a PC from scratch in the fastest time possible and you’ll walk away with a shiny new GAMING Motherboard & Graphics Card. You need a steady hand, mind!

Our main gaming tournament running throughout the day is Rocket League.

Get you’re 1v1 skills out for this tourney to become the champ by the end of the day. The winner will take home a brand new GAMING X Graphics Card and something for the runner-up too.

Thermaltake are on-hand during the event to give you the low-down on watercooling.

These experienced cooling experts really know their stuff so if you’re keen to learn more or just looking for some tips, then take part in their open tutorial classes.

Those that come to the event will be given a special raffle ticket that automatically enters you into our prize draws.

The draws will be taking place every hour so make sure you hang around till the end to ensure you get some nice freebies.

Upgrade Your PC! Get a 30% Discount off an MSI Motherboard or Graphics Card

If you already own an MSI Motherboard or Graphics Card and your MSI product is registered at the MSI Member Centre, you'll be entitled to a 30% off special discount for you to upgrade your PC! Please fill out the form and upload a photo of your MSI Motherboard and/or Graphics Card. Once it’s been approved, you’ll receive a 30% discount coupon via email to only be redeemed in-store at CCL during the MSI Test Drive event.

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