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Intel ® Core™ Ultra 7 processors
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Game Prize, Redeem Now !

Receive a FREE Skull and Bones™ game code and an exclusive MYTHICAL BEAST SET(US$60 Valued)

Redeem period:
Feb. 16th, 2024- Feb. 16th, 2025


Ubisoft+ 7-day free trial key

Redeem period:
Feb. 15th- Apr. 30th, 2024

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30-days Free Trial

Redeem period:
Attached to Claw, redeemable within 3 months after activation

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World's 1st Handheld with Intel® core™ Ultra Processor

Perfection in Your Grip,
Power Beyond Limits

Claw's sculpted grip, cooled by intraflow tech, becomes an extension of your will. Unleash the beastly Intel® Core™ Ultra 7, conquer fiery infernos with precision power. Hours melt, fueled by best-in-class battery. With Thunderbolt™ 4, strategies swap in a flash. Victory is yours. Claim Claw, rewrite the ending.

The Claw, Conquers It All!

Game Longer, Game Stronger

Ergo-Gaming Science of Comfort

Forget hand fatigue. The Claw's science-backed ergonomics, crafted from thousands of hand data points, molds perfectly to your palm, no matter the size. Intuitive, precise control meets pure comfort.

Best-in-Class Battery Life

Unlock exceptional gaming endurance with our breakthrough battery capacity. It's where efficient power meets robust performance—more game, less charge.

Power that Lasts 50% Longer Compared to market average
7-inch Smoothness Ready

Dive into the ultimate gaming experience with our 7-inch premium 120Hz gaming display, with exceptional color reproduction and smooth action.

Tailored Software for Ease of Use

MSI Center M provides dedicated interface designed for handheld devices with easy-to-use settings.

Control Mode
Macro-Keys Settings
Mystic Light
Quick Settings Editor
Quick Settings

Review Article

Trusted Reviews- Best In Show: MSI Claw

We found the Claw to be extremely comfortable to use and while it’s entering a crowded market, there’s every chance this could be the handheld gaming PC to go for.

Tech Advisor- Best In Show: MSI Claw

it’s suited to fans of games such as Call of Duty, Valorant, Overwatch and more, though it could be used for a variety of other titles, too.