MSI always strives to achieve the most innovative designs and the best user experience with its gaming notebooks, especially on the flagship level products, the GT series. We strive for reliability, stability and durability in all of our products and in all of our users’ experiences.

We use our MXM removable graphics card design to prevent heat transfer to the motherboard, to make repairs or replacements to the card more easily, and to give our users the opportunity to upgrade from GeForce® GTX 8 series to GeForce® GTX 9 series, thanks to both GPUs being of Maxwell Core design with the same signal and output interface.

The MXM graphics card layout of the GeForce GTX 10 series was a completely new core design called “Pascal,” which has significant changes in terms of signal design, interface design and power consumption. In addition, we observed problems with software compatibility and found that beta drivers are the only option. Based on our design of the GT72 4xx series and 6xx series and the GT80 series, implementing an MXM upgrade to the GTX 10 series would require, among other things, a new MXM module, cooling module, and display panel, and likely result in unsatisfactory display (either flickering or no display at all).

The most cost effective way to upgrade to our GTX 10 series and achieve performance gain, stability and reliability is to participate in our trade-upgrade program, through which users of the GT72 and GT80 with GeForces® GTX 8 and 9 series can upgrade to a brand new current generation GeForce® GTX 10 series laptop by trading in their existing qualifying* product. This upgrade will allow users to enjoy the latest MSI features, such as Cooler Boost and Dragon Center.

*This trade-upgrade program is available only for users in the UK and is subject to certain limitations. For more information regarding the UK trade-upgrade program, please contact: For users in other countries, please contact your local MSI branch.
The program ends on December 31, 2017.